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Important dates must be celebrated and emphasizedwith something that is approaching and resemblingthe solemnity of unprecedented and irreplaceablemoments so when it came to buying a gift I decidedit would have to be something exclusive and, aboveall, something that would also remind us of what wehad evolved into over time. I immediately thought“bicycle!” because it signifes commitment, effort andsatisfaction and because I wanted an object that alsocarried a message about cure and passion. I chose theframe material frst: titanium, a material that can onlybe worked with by artisans who have a high degreeof specialization and know exactly what to do. Then,I discovered the Treduecinque, a bike only for realenthusiasts who are able to understand the totalityof its capacity and extraordinary attention to detailrequired to mold a material so strong.From the emotion I read in his eyes when he saw mygift, I became totally aware of the impact my gift made– a perfect bullseye! The gasp showed the extent of hisemotions and made me realize the Treduecinque wasthe perfect ambassador of our unique story.

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