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Officina De Rosa / Protos: official press release

Protos: official press release

"Protos is the most significant project undertaken in the De Rosa. It’s the result of two years' effort, study, during which the company wanted to face the birth of a new model with an engineering and design approach. Who knows us, remembers that there was a predecessor; the will to keep that sound in its name and that consonance to the futuristic feature of prototypes is not random. Protos is the quintessence of all that can be applied to a bicycle. And its launch falls on the day Ugo De Rosa was born"

The model, available on the market since February 2012, encompasses all the valuable know-how accumulated in almost sixty years of work: the deep knowledge of metals let it possible to use its experience and reapply at carbon.
Protos is a study exploded in material composition and in structural calculations through a shared partnership with Ing. Marco Genovese: this has enabled us to develop the project in engineering and design, coming to create a lightweight frame, fully integrated, large sized but with high performance, with an unique design, timeless”

The sections Protos is made up of, follow precisely this mantra: the union between scientific and aesthetic principle; the driving comfort coexists with the size supported by the composition of carbon *; the ability to disperse the irregularities of the asphalt blends in design with a head fork flat; the improved performance approaches the will to present a clean frame, thanks to contemplated spaces able to integrate cable, headset, bottom bracket, front fork.

Nothing is left unresolved: know-how, skills, engineering and aesthetics.
Because Ugo de Rosa went upstream when he decided to use the head flat face fork in the steel bikes, but saw far in this choice.
Because the lightness he aimed to, had always to guarantee stability and only the composition of the materials supported him in reaching this goal; it was the right way to go.
Because his bikes had to long last as passion that still animates his workshop: Protos, and this philosophy is the successor of De Rosa, presented on his birthday to virtually celebrate his unique way of building frames. And so much time will pass first to create a customizable essence of material, technology and art as is now the Protos.

Uptoday available only in this color, Protos have four types of equipments:
- Campagnolo Super Record
- Campagnolo Super Record EPS
- Shimano dura-ace
- Shimano dura-ace DI-2
Proposed in eight regular measures, it will be customizable for meeting customer’s request.

* Carbon composition:
50% 30Tons High Modulus with High Strength T800 Carbon Pre-Preg + 40% 46Tons UltraHigh Modulus HS40 Carbon Pre-Preg + 10% 60Tons Super High Modulus XN-60 Carbon Pre-Preg

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Thursday, 26 January 2012


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